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Our motivation

For us, organising trade fairs means more than just bringing people together. First and foremost, trade fairs are about innovations, emotions, ideas, interaction - and doing business. A conversation at an exhibition stand can plant the seed for a project idea that signals a new direction for an entire industry.

As you are no doubt aware, exhibitors and visitors collect more than just business cards at trade fairs - they also take on board many new impressions, ideas and stories. People come together - as they have done from time immemorial - to talk about their experiences and exchange ideas. Accordingly, these encounters have always been a source of trust, inspiration and guidance. The face-to-face conversations that take place during our trade fairs help to establish a sense of community and bring the industry closer together. We create added value together with our customers.

Based on trust and experience, retailers and buyers can rest assured that we bring together the best from all countries and all sectors at our events.