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FORHEX Fair 2019 Exhibitors Manual
  1. Fair timings will be...

    For B to B      10 AM to 10.00 PM

    For B to C      10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

  2. The Modular stand will be given to Exhibitor on 18th August, 2019. And the Raw area will be given on 13th Aug, 2019.
  3. Exhibitor's booth must be ready before 9 AM on 18th August, 2019 with display.
  4. Inauguration will be at 10 AM on 18th August & thereafter the fair will be open.
  5. Details of Modular Shell Stand:
    Fully constructed stalls with modular structure shell of 12 Sq. Mt. for the fair will be available with the following furniture, fittings and fixtures:
    1. Three side partition for normal stand
    2. Floor Carpeting
    3. Fascia with participant's name
    4. Electricity point 6 AMP - 1 No.
    5. One waste paper basket
    6. Electricity Fittings with 6 spotlights
    7. One Table
    8. Three Chairs
    1. Badges/ passes depending on the area allocated to the exhibitors shall be issued free of cost.
    2. General security shall also be provided.
  6. The organizers reserve the power to close any machine or device and remove it any time before or during the exhibitions, if in the opinion of the organizers, such machine or device is dangerous, or is not in accordance with any regulations provided hereinafter or, if any exhibitor or its representative fails to observe and comply with any of these regulations. The organizers may remove any such exhibitor or his representative misbehaving at the exhibition center with reasonable force, if necessary at the expense of the exhibitors, without the organizers being liable for any loss or damage which may be occurred by or through, such removal, and any sum of money which may have been paid by the exhibitors for rent and charge shall not be refunded.
  7. Exhibitors are advised to obtain insurance cover against all risk. It is clearly understood that the organizers stand indemnified by the exhibitors in respect of any loss or damage to property due to theft, fire, flood or injury etc., to any person as well as third party claims.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to retain all or any of an Exhibitor's goods/ exhibits as collateral till all the dues including charges for services, damages, or penalties, if any, are settled by the Exhibitors. Any costs for retention of the collateral will also have to be paid by the Exhibitor.
  9. Extra Infrastructure requirements:
    1. Extra requirement of Accessories can be ordered directly to Mr Subhash Nagpal - 9829060282 on 13th Aug, 2019 at Birla. The accessories will be provided on concessional rates.
    2. Any extra lighting requirement must be conveyed to organizer in writing. All lights (extra) are subject to the availability of supply. An additional charge applies for extra instruments and power supply.
  10. Entry fee will be Rs. 200/- for General Visitor.
  11. For Tax matters, it is suggested to please carry your bill books & to charge GST accordingly (if applicable) on your products.
  12. No booth should be designed to go beyond 9 ft. in height. Exhibitors and displays should not exceed this limit.
  13. The Organizers may provisionally allot space to certain applicants which may be subject to change or cancel any time before the start of the fair.
  14. Platforms, podiums etc. leading to exhibits must be constructed within stand area in such a way that they are safe and enable visitors to move freely. No exhibits or any article would be allowed outside the stall or in the passage area, if it is found, it will be confiscated by the organizers.
  15. All passages, emergency exits, main entrance and access to the service area are to be kept clear at all times.
  16. The exhibitor using his own workers or contractors, to erect, decorate or dismantle his booth is responsible for the removal of all waste and rubbish resulting from such erection or dismantling from the exhibition hall before the opening of and after the exhibition period according to the arrangements of the organizers. No storage facilities shall be provided for packing cases, surplus materials or other property of the exhibitor.
  17. All participants are required to remove the night sheets/ curtains from their stands within 15 minutes of the opening of the fair. In defiance of the same, the Organizer reserves the right to have the night sheets/ curtains removed or declare the stand officially closed. No claim on account of closure, theft, pilferage etc. will be entertained.
  18. In case any exhibitor/ visitor having any claim about the design displayed by any exhibitor, he/ she should contact the organizers with documentary evidence i.e. registration of design with Registrar of Copyright/ Controller of Patents & Designs/ Trade Marks etc. The Organizer on satisfaction can ask the exhibitor for removal of such products from display at the fair.
  19. Exhibitors have to strictly follow the route of Exit & should not pressurize the security whatsoever.
  20. The exhibitors must closely observe the following rules with the organizers official contractor before the commencement of the works:
    1. No posters, wallpapers, paint, drilling or nails or screws may be applied to or used on the existing panel. The exhibitors shall be liable for all losses, damages and costs resulting from a breach.
    2. The exhibitors may apply single or double-sided tapes on existing panel.
    3. No glue, scotch tape, self adhesive paper, screws, nails, spikes, pins or paint should be used on floors, walls, pillars or any part of the exhibition hall.
    4. Spray painting of stand panels with oil based paints and any inflammable material inside the walls is strictly prohibited. Redecorating of booth during exhibition time is strictly prohibited.
    5. All containers, packing items and any other articles not for display must be removed from the exhibition halls before 6 PM on 14th August 2019 for the cleaning of halls.
    6. No pressurized containers may be used in the exhibition hall without the prior approval of the organizers.
    7. Please also note:
      1. No alterations to the stands shall be permitted for modular.
      2. No side show will be allowed to any exhibitor.
      3. No ushers can be used for soliciting entry at any booth.
      4. No audio system will be allowed to play.
      5. Exhibitors are not allowed for any auction/ bid of any products by any means at fair without written permission by organizer.
      6. Exhibitors can bring in their goods for sale from the specified passage as per the schedule… i) Before and after the fair time, ii) Between 1-2 PM, 4-5 PM and 6.30 - 7.30 PM.